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   THE SUN (March 2011)

Shock figures reveal the number of people admitted to hospital for obesity related problems is now TEN times higher than a decade ago, and procedures such as gastric band ops have soared by a staggering 70 per cent!!! That's a leap of more than 30 per cent on the previous year and ten times more than 1999/2000 levels. Fat busting ops topped 7,800 last year with women accounting for 80 per cent of the total — up 70 per cent on the previous year when just over 4,800 procedures were performed. Of the most recent procedures, 1,844 were for maintenance of an existing gastric band and surgery was most common.


A whopping 1.55million prescription items were also dispensed for obesity treatment — more than 11 times the number in 1999 (127,000) and up on the 1.28million in 2008. Tam Fry, from the National Obesity Forum, said: "This is the second year in succession that rates have risen by 30 per cent and I would not be surprised if the figures for 2011/12 were similar. 'They will prove to those who wish to dismiss the severity of the obesity crisis just how bad it is, and the rise in bariatric surgery is particularly revealing.'

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