Alicante Weekend Workshop
Alicante Weekend Workshop


Alicante Gig!!!!


Fun Hypno Weekend.



Alicante, Spain, the weekend of 13th and 14th May.



Cost: £425



Early bird: £300 (including lunch)



Come spend the weekend with me learning:


1) Street/impromptu hypnosis (including ALL the tricks which

ensure it happens!)


2) The Swan


3) The Bob Burns Consultation


4) The BEST method in the world (yep, I said it) to use

hypnosis to stop people from smoking cigarettes forever!


5) 'How to put the magic into hypnosis' (probably worth the

price of the workshop alone)!


Learn 4 of Bob's very own magical effects he has perfected


over 30 years and uses time and again in his therapy room.


Only now is he happy to share these with his colleagues in the


hypnotic world.


You WILL be amazed!!!!!!!

Including extras, extras, extras..... too many to mention!!



'Bob Burns ALWAYS over delivers in his workshops!' (Tim

Box, Harley Street)





Early bird: £300 (closes April 1st) Book here!