Lifeline Hypnotherapy would like to make clear that Past Life Regression (PLR) is in no way linked to the normal practice of hypnoanalysis or any other form of therapeutic hypnosis.

For many years I had no interest in PLR. Then in 1978 I was given 'Life before Life' by Helen Wambach1. I found the book fascinating and then, as an experiment of my own, I agreed to do some sessions for a group from a local women's institute. The results for me were in truth, unconvincing, since as a psychotherapist, I am aware of just how wonderfully imaginative the mind can be. However, for most of the participants it was fascinating and several called it 'life changing'. The huge thing for me as a therapist, was to find that the sessions were actually highly therapeutic, with many of the participants working out for themselves how these happenings, real or imagined, had a direct correlation with their lives in the here and now. This, for a therapist, was of course intriguing. After that I decided to investigate PLR's claims.

There are many possible explanations of what PLR actually is:

FANTASY: it is the highly imaginative right side of the brain making it all up. An explanation often offered by highly left brain thinkers.

GENETIC MEMORY: the idea that many memories are contained within the DNA in our cell structure which we perceive as our own memories as opposed to that of our ancestors.

SOUL MEMORY: the concept that a person can access the Akashic Record (a spiritual record of all things that have ever taken place) which would reveal the experiences and feelings of all souls.

REINCARNATION: The belief that we return to this life many times in order to experience and evolve.

Lifeline Hypnotherapy makes no claims that it understands PLR, only, that in our experience it can bring many benefits to the participant. We have never yet been able to disprove another's claims that they have lived before. The important thing is to be open and understand that: 'No one person possesses the true map of life's terrain.'

The Session

It is very difficult to explain a session of PLR since each one can be very different: calming, exciting, enlightening, relaxing, inspirational, and fun, are all descriptions used by people who experience the process.

Interestingly, over 60% of bookings are made by friends and family as an exciting gift for an adventurous loved one.


1Dr. Wambach was one of the earliest scientific researchers into PLR. Her book, Life before Life was published in 1978 (she also wrote: Reliving Past Lives - The evidence under hypnosis)

Victor Zammit describes Wambach's research thus:

Initially motivated by a desire to debunk reincarnation, by doing a scientific analysis on the past lives reported by her 10,000 plus volunteers she came up with some startling evidence in favor of reincarnation:

• 50.6 % of the past lives reported were male and 49.4 % were female — this is exactly in accordance with biological distribution in the population.

• The number of people reporting upper class or comfortable lives was in exactly the same proportion to the estimates of historians of the class distribution of the period.

• The recall by subjects of clothing, footwear, type of food and utensils used was better than that in popular history books. She found over and over again that her subjects knew better than most historians — when she went to obscure experts her subjects were invariably correct.

Her conclusion was:

'I don't believe in reincarnation — I know it!' (Wambach 1978).



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