Bob Burns presents: The Swan (a true contact with one's own subconscious)
Bob Burns presents: The Swan (a true contact with one's own subconscious)



Bob Burns presents: The Swan (a true contact with one's own subconscious)

A step beyond Chevreul's Pendulum and every other ideo-motor response ever performed!

An absolute MUST in the arsenal of every hypnotist!!!!


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Welcome to The Swan, a direct path to the subconscious. Is it really the Subconscious? Ego State? Higher self? Guide? YOU can be the judge of that. As you are shown, after making the initial CONTACT how to actually communicate with this fascinating part of who we really are.
In this DVD you will be shown the full procedure; how to open and engage, how NOT to worry about failure but rather become involved in a game. A simple game where the recipient can sit back and relax as they get to meet a very special part of themselves.


Buy The Swan DVD NOW from our online shop - only £35.00 GBP free delivery




Academy of Hypnotic Arts - Bob Burns' Swan

13th August 2013

The Swan Hypnose Centrum December 2013 

                                                                            Hypnotime The Swan 7th April 2014


Jon Chase, England (Britain's leading stage hypnotist and trainer, and author of best seller: Deeper and Deeper.) 'Bob Burns' The Swan is... Genius!'

Ulf Sandstrom, Stockholm (Hypnotist, NLP practitioner and co-founder of Peaceful Heart Network) 'One word: 'Quality''

Kelley T Woods, USA (clinical hypnotist, Woods Hypnosis Center) 'I found your pre-talk to be one of the best I have heard; I think your Swan is delightful in fact, I can't wait to use it tomorrow with an 8 yr old and then a 67 yr old! Thank you again for sharing your baby'

Owen McGinty, Spain (hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist) 'I had never seen anything like this before, but now I use it all the time. The whole concept of The Swan is like a lot of other things of genius - so deceptively simple, yet extraordinarily powerful. I have now used this technique on countless occasions and will continue to use it for a very long time to come.'

Camilla Edborg, Sweden (clinical hypnostist and trainer) 'The Swan protocol is simply... perfect!'

Colin McLeod, Scotland (Scotland?s No 1 mentalist) 'You have developed something truly special here. The Swan is revolutionary.....Simply genius!'

Gary Turner, England (hypnotherapist and personal trainer..... 13 times world champion at kickboxing, ju-jitsu and Thai boxing) 'Bob, I love the style, the examples, the sense of humour. It is so powerful! This shows why performance is also part of hypnotherapy'.

Felix Economakis, Greece/England (chartered psychologist/clinical hypnotist and director of 'The Heath', London) 'The Swan is invaluable. I use it all the time. Just do yourself a favour and get this DVD now!'

Denis Horvath, Slovenia (stage hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist) 'Bob Burns gives a whole new meaning to: 'Talk to the hand, 'cos the face ain't listening!' Fantastic!!! '

Jim Callahan, USA (Paranormalist. The World's Most Controversial Mystery Artist) 'As I watched the first part of the presentation of The Swan my first comment was: 'This is f------ brilliant!' This is really exceptional thinking and it has given me many enjoyable hours of contemplation of how to incorporate your creation, The Swan, into my own work'

Barry Thain, England (NHS clinical hypnotist and director of Mindsci Clinic, Richmond, Surrey) 'It is the only thing of its ilk that I've ever been able to watch all the way through. Bravo!'

George Watson, Scotland (clinical hypnotherapist) 'Bob Burns is an inspirational hypnotist, his techniques changing the way hypnotherapists can work with their clients. The Swan shows just how powerful the subconscious mind can be. It takes hypnotherapy to yet another level!'

Maria Ortega, Argentina (healer) 'I was a practicing therapist/healer of some 15 years but had never really seen any reason to use hypnosis. Then I used this protocol: The Swan. Truly amazing! I believe this is something quite possible for everyone on the planet to learn. It is like some wormhole to one's subconscious, spirit guide, or maybe even more!'

Rick Collingwood, Australia (Australia's foremost clinical hypnotherapist and principal of The Australian Academy of Hypnosis) 'Excellent! A brilliant production of a truly fantastic technique. The skills demonstrated in The Swan are a must for either any novice or indeed experienced hypnotist. It's great to see a professional production of something so valuable and worthwhile being made available to the profession. I am so impressed with what you have done Bob, that for the first time in 22 years as a clinical hypnotist and hypnosis trainer I am going to integrate YOUR work, namely: The Swan, as a required part of my academy's training curriculum here in Australia. I do believe that The Swan might be the gateway to the whole flock! Thank you and congratulations.'

Buy The Swan DVD NOW from our online shop - only £35.00 GBP free delivery